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Written by editor ( today launched the first Social Networking site offering the travel industry a unique and exclusive opportunity to network with suppliers, buyers and users alike.

Print Friendly, PDF & Email ( today launched the first Social Networking site offering the travel industry a unique and exclusive opportunity to network with suppliers, buyers and users alike.

In contrast to other social networking sites, USATravelSpace is dedicated exclusively to the travel industry, and has been designed, using custom industry specific algorithms to classify users in categories that will facilitate the distribution and marketing of travel.

The site has been designed to help sellers of travel promote their destination, product or service through a unique search and link criteria that will automatically link buyers and sellers through their user profiles. Sellers of travel will be given their own “TravelSpace” in which they can blog, video stream and showcase their product or services in a unique all encompassing location on the web.

“The biggest challenge for anyone selling or travelling to the USA is locating information and more importantly the suppliers of services, especially with the magnitude of information that is presently on the internet today” said Eric Paul Thomas, President of and a 25-year travel industry veteran. “ draws on the power of the US Travel Industries offering and the professionalism of its service providers — Online and off-line. I am confident that the industry will see the advantages of having a unique place on the internet to network, build and promote travel services that will continue to grow the USA as a premier travel destination. I am confident will quickly become the first stop for savvy travel producers and travelers looking for the best USA Travel services.”

Based on a comparative linking model, is uniquely designed to make it fast and easy to locate and network with travel suppliers of all kinds. Giving users a unique tool to match sellers of travel with the entire spectrum of users through a selection process based upon the buyers needs and the sellers offering. A virtual network of service providers linked by search criteria to the end user that will facilitate the decision-making process such as trip, event and incentive planning, reserving restaurants, sightseeing, transportation, attractions and obviously hotels. provides a unique opportunity for all members of the travel industry to come together and build a massive network of travel suppliers and buyers by simply registering and inviting their clients to become users. “The tide raises all boats, and USATravelSpace is that tide” said Eric Thomas. “There are no limits to which we are bound anymore, this professional networking site has limitless uses, and can strengthen our industry domestically, and more importantly, internationally.” is “The Travel Business Place” presents a community for US travel businesses to meet, collaborate, network and negotiate travel to the United States. “Travel networking will never be the same.”

A place for business networking that offers the travel professional unconditional access to suppliers 24/7/365. Whenever an idea takes hold you have a place to go:

The community for travel professionals to market their destination or services, no expensive tradeshows to attend, no unnecessary travel to just to “be seen”, and no unnecessary time away from the office.

“How do I get my product or service published?” is the most common question a supplier asks distributors. Search criteria and location are paramount to being found, and USATravelSpace is business to business, the entire World Wide Web has access to your centralized information. On USATravelSpace you are published and accessible to the entire marketplace in one convenient location.

About is a privately owned company headquartered in Rutherford, NJ. is a professional social networking site for the travel industry.

Eric Paul Thomas is an international travel industry expert who founded the Web-based service company. Eric Paul Thomas has been involved in travel industry sales and marketing for international visitors to the USA For 25 years. This new venture aims to draw upon that same experience to create a virtual travel bourse available to Internet users.

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