Branson’s Virgin Group seeks approval to launch domestic airline in India


New Delhi, India – The U.K.’s Virgin Group is seeking permission from the Indian government to launch a domestic airline in the country, its chairman said Monday.

«As a foreigner I’m not allowed to own a domestic airline … I’m still lobbying to get permission to launch a domestic airline in India,» Richard Branson told reporters on the sidelines of a business meeting.
Branson also said that he is likely to announce one or two ventures in India in the coming weeks. One of them could be in the telecommunications sector, he said.

Branson is in India with a business delegation accompanying British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in a visit aimed at strengthening trade and economic ties with the emerging economic power.
On his first visit to Asia as prime minister, Brown has also spent two days in China. His whirlwind tour has focused on expanding trade and investment and on cooperation in controlling climate change.