Peru’s Government Orients Tourists and Solves Their Problems


Iperu, a service created by PromPeru (a state-run agency) which assists tourists and provides them with information, reported it had assisted 287,492 foreign and domestic tourists in 2007.

When compared to the number of tourists helped last year (203,533), a 41 percent increase was registered by the service. The type of services provided to tourists were classified into three areas: information (92.1%), help (4.6%) and others (3.3%).

According to reports issued by Iperu, 56 percent of the tourists (157,004) that used the service were foreigners, while 43 percent were natives. It was also reported that the majority of tourists assisted, 19,176, were from the United States.

18,059 tourists from Chile were oriented while 17,004 from Argentina were helped. These countries were followed by Spain (14,016), France (10,730), the United Kingdom (8,277), Germany (8,028), and Canada (6,531) among others.

Aside from offering information, Iperu provides visitors a place to complain if they feel they have been treated unfairly by hotels, restaurants or airlines.

Tourists can complain about anything from lost luggage to establishments that charge fees that are not mentioned beforehand.

Other complaints could be of travel agencies that do not provide offered services, an airline company that does not compensate its passengers for cancellations/delays or even if tourists feel overcharged because they are foreigners.

With respect to complaints, Iperu reported it had successfully solved 89 percent of tourists’ complaints.