UK airline proposes in-flight weddings


Budget UK airline easyJet has announced its intention to hold marriage ceremonies mid-flight in a unique revenue-raising idea.

EasyJet is investigating whether its pilots could become authorised to carry out weddings during flights. The plan would see the captain hand over to the co-pilot once airborne in order to officiate the wedding at the front of the plane.

The time-saving move would mean couples could marry while flying to their honeymoon destination.

The airline announced the plan after their research showed more and more people dream of marrying above the clouds.

“We’re excited about these plans” said Paul Simmons, easyJet’s UK regional general manager, told The Guardian.

“If there is the opportunity, our pilots could be marrying couples in the air. Future brides and grooms can say ‘I will’ on the flight from London Gatwick to Olbia, on Sardinia, for example. After their marriage at a height of 30,000 feet they then can go directly on their honeymoon.”

However, easyJet will face legal challenges before it can start marrying people in the clouds. In the UK marriages must be conducted in a permanent structure that doesn’t move, and be officiated by a minister of religion or registrar employed by a local council.

It is a unique approach to cost-cutting, with United Airlines and Ryanair looking to apply extra charges to overweight passengers to generate more revenue.

United Airlines passengers are now required to buy a second ticket or upgrade to business class on United Airlines flights, while Ryanair announced last month that it was looking at how it could introduce a “fat tax”.