Greece and Turkey to benefit from Bulgaria’s future losses in tourism


Turkey and Greece will most probably win billions of EUR from tourism after the realization of Burgas – Alexandroupolis pipeline project, says an analysis, reported by the Standart daily.

Lately Bulgarian tourism has been making about 2 billion EUR profits per year according to official information of local hoteliers and tourist agencies.

The 2 billion sum doesn’t include the profits from rents of private flats, houses and villas, define more precisely from the Standart news.

Bulgarian and foreign tourists always had been preferred the Bulgarian seaside, due to its clean and endless sandy beaches. But not anymore.

The construction of Burgas – Alexandroupolis pipeline and the actual risk of ecological catastrophe will urge the tourists to direct for their holidays and vacations in Southern resorts in Greece and Turkey.

Amazing tourist spots like Thessaloniki, Kavalla, the Mediterranean islands and the Western and South seaside of Turkey (Izmir and Antalya) will never stop to attract travellers from all over the world.

Every normal tourist will prefer the crystal sea waters and clean beaches instead of the petrol quays along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

The conclusion is simple: Turkey will benefit even more from the pipeline project than Bulgaria itself, comment from the Standart.