No ‘rubber stamp’ for merger involving UAL


Chicago – The United Chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association’s Master Executive Council continues to monitor media chatter concerning airline consolidation and mergers. The United MEC has long had in place a Merger Committee to work on issues in the event consolidation affects our pilots. The committee’s role, in part, is to monitor and investigate any merger reports that involve United Airlines. Today’s reports regarding Delta Airlines are no exception. With United’s CEO constantly touting consolidation, we had the foresight to prepare for any possibility.

“CEO Glenn Tilton and other executives must understand that any merger or consolidation involving United Airlines will not be consummated without the involvement of its pilots,” said MEC Chairman Captain Steve Wallach. “United pilots will not rubber stamp any merger unless and until our interests are addressed. We are prepared to protect the careers and futures of our pilots in the event of any merger or consolidation scenario.”