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The future laid out for the UAE’s civil aviation sector

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Aviation growth in the United Arab Emirates with Emirates flying 145 A380 soon, with Etihad buying into airlines after airline – this industry in the Gulf region has been expanding like in no other pl

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Aviation growth in the United Arab Emirates with Emirates flying 145 A380 soon, with Etihad buying into airlines after airline – this industry in the Gulf region has been expanding like in no other place of the world.

H.E. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, Minister of Economy and Chairman of GCAA delivered a speech before GCAA’s strategic partners and representatives of the UAE civil aviation sector who were present at the event at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai last week. H.E. Saif Mohammad Al Suwaidi, Director General, GCAA, made a presentation about the strategy’s main features, innovative vision and creative initiatives.

In his speech, Al Mansoori pointed out to the continuing strategic partnership with public entities in the UAE’s civil aviation sector and the importance of cooperation among all parties in order to drive this sector forward, especially in the light of its increasing growth. He said he was happy with the UAE’s achievement of securing a seat on GCAA Council with the votes of majority member states, indicating that this was the result of the UAE’s prominent position and GCAA’s efforts at preparing for the elections and building support in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“In the light of the outstanding achievements locally, regionally and internationally, we obviously need to keep apace with the latest developments through future planning, clear bases, and predetermined programmes. That is why we at GCAA are always on the look for plans, initiatives and updates to secure success.” Al Mansoori said.

“As we announce the new strategy for the years 2014-2016 under the theme “Building the Future of Civil Aviation Together”, we are confident it will help bring about new achievements and creative initiatives which will take the UAE’s civil aviation sector to an unprecedented state of excellence, efficiency and effectiveness, we would like to take this opportunity to enhance our partnership with you in this vital sector and deepen our partnership.” He added.

“The new vision of GCAA is based on establishing a safe, leading and sustainable civil aviation system. The values under this vision focus on security, safety, human resources, enhanced effective and transparent relations with partners, the implementation of best work standards so as to ensure integrity and commitment to professionalism and efficiency in improving operations. These all will ultimately benefit this sector and help modernize working methods.” The Chairman of GCAA concluded.

In his presentation on the elements of the new strategy, H.E. Saif Mohammad Al Suwaidi, Director General, GCAA, laid down the six objectives for the next three years, namely: To Strengthen a culture of sustainable compliance with Safety and Security requirements, to develop and implement air navigation service enhancement programs that will result in improved safety, efficiency and service standards, strengthen UAE position by enhancing GCAA engagement with regional and international organizations, facilitate air connectivity and support aviation industry to maintain sustainable growth, Enhance internal processes to improve GCAA efficiency and to continuously meet stakeholders expectations and to acquire, develop appropriate Human resources and infrastructures to support the achievements of GCAA objectives in a cost effective, efficient and professional manner.

Al Suwaidi presented statistics and charts demonstrating the achievements of last strategic plan and the current condition of the aviation sector in the UAE and comparing it regionally and internationally.

On her part, Mrs. Laila Ali bin Hareb Al Muhairi, Assistant Director General Strategy & International Affairs, GCAA, commented on the launch of the new strategy: “The new direction of GCAA is to leverage previous achievements in order to create an environment which allows the whole civil aviation system to improve internationally in terms of safety, security and environmental sustainability. GCAA particularly intends to maintain the prominent international reference in the aviation sector.”

She added: “Compared with the 2011-13 Cycle, there is not much of a change in the Strategic Direction despite the fact that there are less number of Strategic Objectives. Our Mission, Vision and Values remain unchanged. The major change is in our approach towards achieving these objectives. This approach is reflected through: Our adoption of Balanced Scorecard to execute and monitor the Strategy i.e. measuring outcomes and not outputs, increased emphasis on promotion and awareness creation, stakeholder engagement programs, pro active plans to promote the Liberalization, developing capabilities to do more with less i.e. Risk based audit methodology, and next generation automation of services i.e. making these available through mobile devices.”

The new GCAA logo was also revealed during the event. It represents a falcon and holds the color of UAE flag. The falcon represents the heritage of UAE and the concept of aviation, uniting past and future together.

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