Drunken passenger locked in plane toilet after fight


An aircraft toilet became a temporary jail for a drunken Russian air passenger last Thursday. According to published reports, a man on an Aeroflot flight from Kaliningrad to Moscow picked a fight with others aboard, ultimately landing him locked in an aircraft’s toilet.

Reports indicate that an airline hostess said it became apparent during the flight check-in that the passenger, “teetering and agitated,” was heavily drunk. The drunken passenger was said to have been seated at the back of the plane.

An hour into the flight, however, trouble began when the inebriated man became belligerent and yelling that the plane had been hijacked. The man’s agitation only grew as passengers took turns trying to calm him.

“A fight broke out and one passenger in army camouflage managed to calm the drunkard: tying his hands, dragging him into and locking the toilets,” an Aeroflot flight attendant told local news agencies. “But even then he didn’t cool down. He broke the mirror.”

Russia’s Interior Ministry has been considering an alcohol ban on flights in response to many cases of drunken violence in recent years, news agency Itar-Tass reported. A flight in February from Moscow to Bangkok was delayed for 10 hours after three inebriated passengers smoked cigarettes on the plane and fought with the cabin crew.

It in not clear at this whether the man was taken to police custody or if he will be charged for the incident.