Metropolitan Touring starts operations in Argentina


QUITO, Ecuador – Roque Sevilla, president and CEO of Metropolitan Touring, is delighted to announce the company’s expansion – with its own ground-services operations – to Argentina.

This new venture is in partnership with Explora, via the acquisition of Argentinean tour operator Cuatro Rumbos. Cuatro Rumbos, although fairly new, was chosen for its excellent reputation and knowledgeable staff and guides. Cuatro Rumbos will, as of March 11, 2009, operate under the brand of Metropolitan Touring Argentina, keeping its original staff to offer guests the first-rate experience that they have come to expect from Metropolitan Touring.
Established in Ecuador in 1953, Metropolitan Touring is South America’s leading tour operator, with regional offices and top-notch ground operations in the main cities and attractions of Ecuador and Peru, and now Argentina.

Metropolitan Touring was a pioneer in Galapagos Islands expeditions, where it operates its own fleet of vessels: first-class yachts, La Pinta and Isabela, and the MV Santa Cruz, as well as the elegant Finch Bay Hotel on Santa Cruz Island.

A pioneer in experiential travel to Chile, Explora was founded in 1989 to encourage a new attitude towards travel, targeted at those with a passion for discovering new places and making new friends in remote and relatively-unexplored regions. Explora has built an international reputation for offering unrivaled standards of service, design, and adventure in its 3 properties in Chile: Hotel de Larache (explora Atacama), Hotel Salto Chico (explora Patagonia), and Easter Island (explora Rapa Nui).

This brand-line expansion is based on Metropolitan Touring’s solid corporate values, client-oriented services, responsible environmental practices, a commitment to the community, and of the careful preservation of its unique cultural heritage and natural environments.

Latin America is considered one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for global tourism – a destination that encourages new ways of travel, exploration of both urban areas and untamed natural regions, and a grand adventure where you need not sacrifice service, comfort, and modern conveniences.

Specially-designed Argentina package tours take guests from the charming cafes of Buenos Aires to the ageless glaciers of the Argentine Patagonia, leaves them breathless before the magnificence of the Andes Mountains, standing in awe in the mists of Iguazú, and enjoying some of the best wines in the world.

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