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The Importance of Online Reviews in Promoting Global Tourism

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It’s a common assumption that online reviews and feedback used by consumers today became popular because of the Internet. But, using word of mouth to market a product is an age-old practice, even before the digital age. These days, however, word of mouth has evolved into reading online recommendations, comments, and feedback either from third-party experts or consumers themselves. And, every industry benefits from this kind of marketing strategy – especially the travel sector.

According to a recent survey, 90% of Gen Z travelers claim that social media is a significant factor in their travel decisions. Also, millennials and younger travelers have the most diversity in terms of their preferences, budget, and companion choice. Since the younger generation is more comfortable with technology, it naturally means that positive online reviews and feedback influence their choices.

Review site www.top10.com stated that consumers could get detailed information about services, which further helps ensure that they get the best value out of their purchase. Of course, travel doesn’t come cheap, which is why it makes more sense for a traveler to spend time reading reviews before booking a hotel or travel package.

How do online reviews and feedback benefit travel businesses?

Here are specific instances where receiving positive ratings and reviews impact a travel business:

  • Increased conversion rate. Most travel companies have an online presence and rely on conversions and leads to boost sales. Good ratings attract potential customers, and the higher the number of the visits to the site, the more likely these visits will be converted into bookings.
  • Expand the customer base. Satisfied customers may eventually become loyal clients of the business. These clients, in turn, leave their feedback or recommend the company to their friends and colleagues.
  • Understand and act on what the customer wants. Reviews also serve as some form of market research, according to https://www.forbes.com. For example, the customer’s opinions and suggestions can help the business improve on their offerings. These reviews also help the customer service team provide customers with the necessary solutions to their problems.

As a form of content marketing, online reviews also help increase trust in the brand. And the more trusted a travel company, the more likely it is to sustain success in the industry.

Ratings and reviews add value for consumers

Online reviews and feedback also add value to a customer’s experience. The option to share opinions allows customers to become brand ambassadors naturally. In turn, they become empowered in making travel choices, knowing that their voices are heard. Unlike in the past, where travelers relied mostly on traditional advertisements, a company’s openness to share honest customer feedback invites trust.

Moreover, feedback and reviews make customers more confident in traveling. Gone are the days when you could only book a hotel based on the merchant’s edited photos and videos. As such, customers can enjoy better service and excellent value for money because of user-generated comments.

In conclusion, the travel industry has benefited greatly from online reviews, feedback, and comparison websites. It’s also a win-win situation for customers who always want the best when they go on vacation.

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