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Seychelles delegation ready for La Reunion island Festival Liberte Metisse

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seychelles etn only_6
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Seychelles is marking its presence at the La Reunion island Festival “Liberte Metisse” with a twenty-member delegation.

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Seychelles is marking its presence at the La Reunion island Festival “Liberte Metisse” with a twenty-member delegation. Upon confirming its attendance at this year’s fourth edition of the festival, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture officially announced the list of artistes selected to fly high Seychelles’ colors in this festival. Joe Samy, Michelle Marengo, Tony Mathiot alias “Raspyek,” Jude Ally, Urny Mathiot, and the Ministry’s National Cultural Troupe are listed as the selected group of artists. Alain St.Ange, the Minister for Tourism and Culture, will be personally heading the delegation to La Reunion.

“Joe, you’ve become the icon of the Vanilla Islands with your song, Eau des iles – a song that not only was a hit in Seychelles, but stands to become the theme song of the Vanilla Islands. Jude, you deserve this trip because you made us proud during the ‘Jeux de la Francophonie.’ Urny, your works are remarkable, and you’ve strived throughout the year to represent your country at the ‘Jeux de la Francophonie,’ and Tony and I immensely appreciate your work,” Alain St.Ange, Minister for Tourism and Culture said.

Joe Samy’s most appreciated song, “Eau des iles,” will make its break-through at the festival. The song released in Mauritius and sung for the first time in Seychelles during this year’s Festival Kreol will be featured as the Seychelles delegation theme song at the Festival “Liberte Metisse.” Joe Samy will also appear on stage in a duet with Michelle Marengo, singing one of his best local hits, “Cafe au lait girls.” Michelle Marengo, who performed in La Reunion this year for the UNWTO Sustainable Development Conference with the back-up of the National Cultural Troupe of musicians and dancers, is making her comeback with a compilation of songs featured in her private collection. “Nostalzi” and “Zanviron de milye” are some of the songs she will perform for the “Liberte Metisse” Festival.

Seychelles created history at this year’s “Jeux de la Francophonie” in Nice. Jude Ally, gold medalist at the event, will do Seychelles proud at the La Reunion Festival “Liberte Metisse.” He will exhibit his own collection of paintings alongside Urny Mathiot, one of the most talented and promising photographers on the island. “Lavi an Kouler,” a collection of snapshots by Urny Mathiot, will be showcased in the festival. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture will also have their National Cultural Troupe directed by Marietta Matombe also in La Reunion for this festival. The National Cultural Troupe has been working tirelessly to revive Seychelles’ traditional music, and they have announced the staging of a new repertoire for Festival “Liberte Metisse.”

Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, said that the Seychelles presence in La Reunion is to “congratulate the island for staging this festival.” Festival “Liberte Metisse” held from December 19-22 in La Reunion is featured on the Vanilla Islands calendar of events.

“Seychelles has its own story to tell about the slavery era. It is part of our history. La Reunion also has its own story to tell about this era. Today, not many countries would openly talk about this darkest period of its history. La Reunion has made this bold step forward. Today, La Reunion needs to be congratulated for staging this festival,” Minister St.Ange said.

Minister St.Ange will be addressing the opening ceremony of the festival. Minister St.Ange said that he would reiterate his support for the event. The Seychelles delegation to La Reunion is also comprised of Miera Savy, Director of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Seychelles and La Reunion signed new bilateral cooperation agreements during this year’s Festival Kreol. The Director of International Cooperation in La Reunion is to do a follow-up on these agreements. Nathalie Didon, newly-appointed Deputy Chief Executive of Seychelles Tourism Board, will be part of this delegation to follow up pm tourism issues within the Vanilla Islands. The Seychelles delegation leaves the country on December 16.

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