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The Casa de Campo accommodates the most comprehensive urban leisure area in Spain, with 48 attractions for all tastes and ages – for the entire family – for the young and the young at heart.

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The Casa de Campo accommodates the most comprehensive urban leisure area in Spain, with 48 attractions for all tastes and ages – for the entire family – for the young and the young at heart.

There´s nothing better to shake off stress and boredom than to spend a day enjoying the amazing leisure offer you´ll find at the Parque de Atracciones. Heart-stopping rollercoasters, refreshing splashes on the Rapids, strong emotions at thousands of feet or pleasant strolls surrounded by nature. With your friends or family, fun and laughter are guaranteed.

One of the most comprehensive and modern urban fairgrounds in Europe is hidden in the heart of Madrid’s Casa de Campo. All you need is one day and you can ride the 48 attractions (even more than once), have a bite in one of the many restaurants and stroll along the tree-lined avenues loaded with magical and exciting shows. The venue is divided into five large theme areas: Maquinismo (Machines), Gran Avenida (Main Avenue), Naturaleza (Nature), Tranquilidad (Relax) and Infantil (Kids).

Amusement Park – Adrenaline on Edge

If you want to go free falling without moving from Madrid, you dare to ride a one-kilometer rollercoaster and you like strong emotions, the Machines area is a must. These twelve rides are big favorites among visitors of all ages, as they provide the craziest and most diverse sensations.

You can start with the Top Spin, a platform that performs circular vertical movements, swings and loops. One of the fairground’s classics. La Lanzadera (The Shuttle) is a good second option. You’ll hardly have time to scream whilst you fall from a 63-metre drop at 80 km/h and feel an intense tingling sensation from your toes to the top of your head. The ride is brief but it’s well worth it and you’ll definitely go back for more.

Before lunch, ride La Maquina (The Machine), a giant pendulum with a double simultaneous rotation: one is on its own axis and the other is a vertical movement. A genuine adrenaline rush that is not suited for sensitive stomachs. If you’re still up for more, have a go on the La Tarantula (The Tarantula), a state-of-the-art rollercoaster that does 360-degree flips. Experience flying and repeat as many times as you want to because the position and weight of the other three people make each ride different.

After taking a deep breath, it’s time to go for a splash on board wood boats that travel through mountains with dream-like drops in El Aserradero (The Sawmill), the best thing to wake up and get ready for the Fairground’s latest and most amazing ride: El Abismo (The Abyss). A unique rollercoaster that’ll scare even the most daring of visitors. It travels along a stunning 450-metre itinerary performing acrobatic figures like corkscrews, reversals, immelmans and summits almost 50 meters high. Don’t think twice about it, put on your safety belt and expect your heart to start racing.

After the Abyss, take a moment to calm down because the strong emotions have only just begun. Try El Tornado, a rollercoaster that combines all the ingredients needed to experience this natural phenomenon. Almost one kilometer of loops, rotations, and ups and downs between the tree tops. A word of advice: tie your shoes on tightly (the safety belt and harness are on the top part of the seat and your feet hang down freely) and remember to breathe at the end of the ride..

Nature and Relax

After all those emotions, it’s time to take a break and enjoy the varied gastronomic offer you can find at the Gran Avenida (Main Avenue). You can also pack your own lunch or supper and organize a picnic in the middle of nature at the Casa de Campo. With a bit of luck you’ll see some squirrels running from tree to tree or you’ll hear the ducks from the Zoo quacking as they sometimes come near the Fairground.

After relaxing you can continue the visit along the Nature area. The best time to stroll around here are the first hours of the afternoon, especially in the summer, when it’s extremely hot.

Even your socks will be sopping after a ride on Los Fiordos (The Fiords), a wooden barge that floats along to a 56-meter high precipice. When you’re at the top, raise your arms and get ready to fall into the lake. Take a change of clothes, because the wave the barge makes when it hits the water doesn’t just splash… it drenches!

Seeing as you’re already wet, the best thing to do is ride on Los Rapidos (The Rapids). Go rafting without leaving Madrid on one of the rubber crafts that will take you along the course of a river whose current drags you from one bank to the other. If you think you’ll get a bit wet, wait till you go under the surprise showers at the end of the trip.

The last hours of the day, when you start to feel tired, are perfect for a visit to the Tranquilidad (Relax) area, with attractions for all the family that will take adrenaline back to its normal level. You can enjoy calm and refreshing rides by boat or air balloon, travel to different cities, walk and relax among dinosaurs or watch a 4-D movie. The big wheel, bumper cars, the puzzles and shows (for kids and adults) and parades that fill the Fairground with magic are another relaxing option.

The best way to end the day is with a bit of a fright at the El viejo caseron (Old manor), a walk through a sinister old house where you’ll encounter your worst nightmares: Freddy Krueger, Hannibal Lecter, the girl from The Exorcist… Many won’t go back for more, but others love that feeling of controlled fear. What about you?

If You´re Going with the Kids to the Amusement Park

The attractions at the Fairground don’t have an age limit, but do have restrictions based on weight and height. That’s why there’s a kid’s area with miniature facilities for the youngest members of the family (children from 3 to 7 years old, approximately). There are 16 mini-rides that will delight the shiest children and the gravest adults. You can ride some with your kids, but on others you’ll just have to watch enviously. A mini-shuttle, a miniature rollercoaster and a miniature water ride, puppets, slides, fairy tale characters and animals that look real… everything to make sure parents and kids spend an unforgettable day at the fairground.

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