Injured airline passengers released from hospital


CALGARY – The last passenger injured when an Air Canada plane plunged thousands of metres in the air Thursday morning has been released from hospital.

The Calgary Regional Hospital confirmed the last of 10 passengers was released late Thursday night.

Ten people were injured and sent to hospital Thursday when Air Canada Flight 190 plunged and swerved after experiencing “control problems,” and was forced to make an emergency landing at the Calgary International Airport.

Passengers said at least one person was thrown across seats and dishes went sailing through the plane’s cabin before the aircraft was able to safely touch down.

Paramedics said six people had to be removed from the plane with spinal precautions. An Emergency Medical Services spokesman said the injuries turned out to be minor.

The flight was carrying 83 passengers and five crew members and was en route to Toronto from Victoria.

An Air Canada spokesman said their investigation into the incident was continuing. The Transportation Safety Board is also investigating.

“The last passenger was released and so we’re happy about that,” said Peter Fitzpatrick of Air Canada.

Meanwhile, authorities at the Calgary International Airport began to look into how the airport handled the situation.

“So far there has been nothing but praise,” said Bryce Paton. “The response time to get care to the passengers was excellent.”

He said personnel from Air Canada as well as other carriers such as WestJet all rushed to the scene to help.