Unruly passenger causes Hawaiian Airlines flight lock-down and diversion


A Hawaiian Airlines flight departed Las Vegas, Nevada, at 8:45 this morning, and an hour into the flight, an older man believed to be in his 60s or 70s, allegedly threatened a flight attendant. However, a flight attendant said it was the pilot that the passenger made threatening remarks about.

Hawaiian Airlines flight 7 from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Honolulu, Hawaii, had to make a diverted landing at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California, due to these threats being made by the passenger.

The pilot announced that they would be landing at LAX after first dumping fuel over the ocean.

A flight attendant announced to passengers that the plane had to divert “due to operational reasons” and that law enforcement officers would be boarding the plane upon landing at LAX. The flight attendant said the cabin was “on secured lock-down.”

Two uniformed airport officers escorted the passenger off the plan at 10:46 am. Passengers onboard Flight 7 are still at LAX as they await instructions on how the flight to Honolulu will be completed.

A witness who was sitting across from the passenger said the man told him, “They’re not treating me right. I’m going to call the president.”