fiylo international to transport successful business model around the world


In the German market, fiylo registers a steadily-growing number of providers. “fiylo is the strongest event location portal with 1,600 online presentations,” reports Bernd Fritzges. Use the link at the end of this article to coordinate a meeting with Bernd at ITB 2017. In contrast to conventional MICE portals, fiylo renounces all commissions from venue operators when a booking is made.

“Classic MICE booking portals usually calculate their percentage share based on the sales volume, regardless of the profit generated by the venue with the event,” explains Bernd Fritzges. At fiylo, an annual subscription fee is to be paid by the location operators. They have established a record to be proud of. According to Bernd Fritzges, in 2016 alone, 7,864 events were realized with a turnover of more than 100 million euros. Therefore, the company that has announced the “man of the first hour” Nils Schröder as national director at the beginning of the year, reached at least one of the top 3 places in Germany.