Cruise Critic Christens Dedicated Online Cruise News and Reviews Site for U.K.


– Cruise Critic® ( ), the world’s leading online resource for consumer-oriented cruise reviews and news, has announced the launch of, a dedicated U.K. site geared toward the British cruising community and the company’s first country-specific domain.

As an interactive cruise community and resource for planning cruise getaways, will provide U.K. cruisers with vacation planning tools such as cruise reviews and ports of call recommendations written by both site members and Cruise Critic’s expert editorial staff. content will be programmed specifically for U.K.-oriented readers, catering to the style and manner in which British travelers cruise. Also, with the launch of the U.K. site, Cruise Critic can now offer unique deals and discounts specifically to U.K. cruisers, something that was not previously possible through the .com site.

“The British have a long tradition of cruising, as many great ships and shipping lines have British origins,” said Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor, Cruise Critic. “Despite this lengthy cruise history, just recently, the British cruise market has experienced an unprecedented boom. This boom, coupled with an ever increasing British audience visiting the .com site made now the ideal time to launch in order to help British cruisers find the right ship, with the right amenities at the right price.”