ANA will fly first A380 aircraft to Hawaii


A new big bird will soon be flying in the skies of Honolulu. The A380 – the world’s largest passenger jet – will be seen in Hawaii’s tropical air space come 2019 when All Nippon Airways begins service between Tokyo and Honolulu.

The A380 seats around 525 passengers, although it can carry 800, depending on how the aircraft is configured.

ANA is Japan’s biggest airline, and it has signed up to buy 3 superjumbo A380s for $1.28 billion, with delivery expected to start in 2018.

This order is a big plus for Airbus’ bottom line which has been slow in sales for the jumbo aircraft.

In November 2016 at the Dubai Air Show, Airbus reported that two potential customers were considering orders for the superjumbo jet.