Tourism Fundraising Program generates up to $ 100,000 to build churches


Athens: Inspired Voyager is proud to announce and offer their unique Build-a-Church program with dual benefits. The benefits are that not only the traveler to get to visit and study the Bible while exploring a unique destination such as the Holylands, or in following the Steps of the Apostle Paul in their Steps of Paul Cruise, but at the same time, the tourist will raise a generous amount for their own church that can go up to $100,000.00!!!

How Build-A-Church program works: The organizer earns an amount of money directly from the company, completely independent from the agents commission and this amount grows gradually depending on the number of cabins sold, starting with as low as 10 cabins generating USD 1,000 and goes to the $100,000 when selling 300 cabins. The funds go directly to the Church to help the needs of the church either for a building project or to help the community and Ministries the best way they decide.