“100% Pure New Zealand” campaign launches for 2009


SANTA MONICA, CA – Tourism New Zealand is investing $3 million into the US market with the launch of its “100% Pure New Zealand” brand campaign with the Discovery Networks and Travel Channel as exclusive broadcast partners.

Activity is taking place across three channels: Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Planet Green and will include traditional television commercials, as well as creative short- and long-form programming using Travel Channel talent.

The “100% Pure New Zealand” brand has been highly successful for New Zealand, and it will continue to form the basis of the marketing campaign. Building on this brand, Tourism New Zealand announces a new element to the campaign – the New Zealand Life Back Promise, solely developed for the US market.

The New Zealand Life Back Promise simply communicates what many American travelers have already expressed – that their vacation to New Zealand was a soul-enriching, physically and mentally rejuvenating experience that “gave them their life back.”

In the current economic situation, American consumers are more stretched than ever. However, US consumer research shows that 98 percent of those who had traveled to New Zealand were highly satisfied and many considered their vacation to be a life-changing experience. Research also shows that American travelers are consistently the most satisfied of all international visitors to New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand will be working with travel partners to communicate the Life Back Promise to consumers, by providing the Life Back Promise logo for use in their own marketing campaigns to link back to the “100% Pure” brand. Briefings have already taken place with Tourism New Zealand’s key industry partners, and travel sellers are being encouraged to come up with creative ways to implement the New Zealand Life Back Promise.

The Life Back Promise encourages travel sellers to start with 9 days – communicating to consumers that even with just a 9-day itinerary, they can experience a truly fulfilling New Zealand vacation. The Life Back Promise explodes the myth that a much longer vacation is needed.

“100% Pure New Zealand” brand activity will continue until April when the southern hemisphere peak travel season ends, with campaign activity expected to re-start later in 2009.