Renewable Energy is coming to Kenya

Lake Turkana Windpower, presently developing Africa’s largest wind power plant near Lake Turkana, has given notice that at least 90 megawatts of power will enter the national grid by middle of 2017 as phase one will come on line.

In the final phase will 310 MV become available, generated, due to favourable wind conditions on the chosen site, on a 24/7 basis.
Information received speaks of 155 installed turbines, out of 365 projected.

The new power installation, the second after the wind power plant on the Ngong Hills outside Nairobi, will substantially reduce Kenya’s carbon footprint as expensive and polluting diesel plants can then be shut down when clean energy enters the grid.

A new 438 kilometre long high voltage transmission line is presently under construction from the site of the wind power plant to reach the national grid.

Kenya is also substantially increasing geo thermal power installations, another clean energy source, and new plants are under both construction and planning in the Rift Valley.