Chemnitz in Germany: A terror scene


The East German city of Chemnitz is the latest scene of a terror investigation and under lock down. – Police just communicated their operation is concerning an imminent bomb attack threat.

A German counter-terror police investigate a “static threat”.

Chemnitz, known from 1953 to 1990 as Karl-Marx-Stadt, is the third-largest city in the Free State of Saxony, Germany. Chemnitz is an independent city which is not part of any county and seat of the Free State of Saxony.
Scores of armed officers evacuated residents from a road in Chemnitz on Tuesday morning as a precaution.

A spokesperson for Saxony Police issued an appeal for residents not to share any photos or footage of the operation on social media.

Major road closers and evacuations are necessary. A static threat situation is in the Fritz Heckert district. This district was built in the old German Democratic Republic and is one of the more less attractive residential centers of this German town.

Officials said they would not confirm “speculation” over a hostage situation involving an armed man.