Telangana Tourism – jail time included


Tourists become prisoners here. They get locked up at the Sangareddy District Jail in the Indian state of Telangana. They call it Telangana tourism.

A 200-year-old former jail in southern India offers tourists the chance to live a day in the life of a prisoner.

You don’t have to be an adventure trafeler to the colonial-era Sangareddy District. If you decide to stay in jail as a tourist a basic jail clothes, basic bedding, soap and eating utensils will come with your cell for Rs 500.00 or about US$ 7.50

Besides promoting tourism, spending a night in jail could educate people on how tough life is behind bars. These are the words by Vinoy Kumar Singh, the state’s director-general of prisons.

The message to tourism visiting Telangana: Get away from crime.

Intended as a cavalry barracks after being built in 1796, the buildings were later converted into a prison. That was closed in 2012, and is now a museum displaying paintings and other artifacts related to crime and prison life in India.