Les Electropicales beat to the rhythm of the sea on Reunion Island

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For 5 years now, Les Electropicales has become the “showcase” for all kinds of electronic music on Reunion Island.

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For 5 years now, Les Electropicales has become the “showcase” for all kinds of electronic music on Reunion Island. The Electronic Music and Visual Arts Festival has become a genuine artistic meeting not to miss, which makes the Island beat to the rhythm of its synthetic melodies. The local electro scene is dynamic and daring! Today Les Electropicales will be touring through October: three artists, three cities, and two countries.


The Electropicales 2013 Tour is expanding! Organized in partnership with Mygal Production (Paris), which is notably responsible for managing artists such as High Tone, Les Electropicales 2013 Tour is setting off with two Reunion artists, Labelle and Kwalud as well as the most Reunion-esque of Germans, Alex Barck. This is the chance for the most virtuoso musicians of the modern era to play their tracks to the masses!

Three dates are scheduled: Berlin on 3 October, Paris on October 16 and Lyon on October 19.

The show

Les Electropicales Festival is also the stage for exchanges between local and international artists who share their talents on stage during the festival. The objective? Supporting local talent year after year and providing the general public with a high quality artistic show. The show would be far from the same without the visual arts which are in perfect harmony with the music played on stage by the selection of the finest artists. With this artistic environment undulating to the electro beat, viewers quite literally take part in the event.

Professional aspect

Each year, Electropoles events offer specialist master classes, meetings and professional discovery which fuel the festival. The role of Electropoles: Introducing the general public, whether beginner’s or experts, to working methods and mixing techniques by giving advice and improving their expertise of electronic music.

Les Electropicales have also released their first compilation which is a retrospective of the five years of the festival. 12 tracks can be downloaded from !

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