Brussels introduces 2017 theme year in a festive way


BRUSSELS, Belgium – This Friday, 30 September, at 6 pm, 120 artists will perform on two stages for HELLO MIXITY, in the heart of Brussels. These artists, with roots from over 20 countries, will address the public in ten different languages. They are, in and of themselves, a fine example of the European capital’s eclectic background.

This event is a festive prelude to 2017, the theme year celebrating the ubiquitous diversity that is such a big part of the Brussels-Capital Region. Several major events will lend rhythm and colour to 2017, and will, by turns, focus on religious and sexual freedom, cultural openness, the 183 nationalities that call Brussels home, and indeed art in all its forms.

As the second most cosmopolitan city in the world and the first in Europe according to the World Migration Report, Brussels boasts 183 different nationalities. Among other things, that’s what this year under the banner of diversity intends to celebrate. This Friday, on both stages located on the Mont des Arts in Brussels, 120 artists will sing for harmonious coexistence, diversity, tolerance, and open-mindedness. Guided tours will also point out the downtown area’s diversity from an original perspective.

But the official kickoff is set for the beginning of next year. In 2017, five new events created from scratch for 2017 will offer something for everyone and foster new discoveries. For MIXITY WALL, eight murals will be painted on abandoned walls in Brussels neighbourhoods to celebrate all kinds of graphic arts. With MIXITY SINGS, choir voices from all walks of life will come together, get acquainted, and join forces over the months, to the rhythm of a musical phrase open to the interpretation of each. MIXITY HIP HOP will offer a certain perspective on hip hop, both in an urban environment and at Bozar. An artist will let his imagination run wild to create a portable work on the theme of the 183 nationalities that call Brussels home for MIXITY 183. Finally, a line 44 tram connecting Montgomery to the Royal Museum of Central Africa called MIXITY TRAM will transform into a rolling museum recounting Brussels’ diverse history via a GPS app.

In addition, six major events or museums representing the diversity of Brussels will take up the 2017 theme: the Couleur Café festival, the opening of the House of European History , the ” Islam, it’s also our History! » exhibition, Belgian Pride , the reopening of the Museum of Central Africa , and a Belgium Jewish Museum exhibition.

The goal is to link these projects under the banner of diversity and bring all communities together around the shared values that are the essence of Brussels.