California focus on travel agent training


Alex Vigil, Manager for Europe and India Marketing of Visit California, has rich experience in agriculture and agent training programs, and he is now using both in his tourism job.

Wine tours by Indians is in focus, as are the many IT companies like Apple and Google, says Vigil, who was part of the Brand USA sales mission to India. Hollywood-Bollywood connect helps. In 2015, 291,000 Indians came to California, which is 11 percent over 2014.

The target for 2016 is 9.4 percent growth, while for 2020 it is 440,000, and Vigil is confident of meeting it.

Air India SF flights have helped a lot. From November 21, the frequency will be increased from three a week to six a week, reflecting confidence and potential of the market.

As many as 1700 agents from India have done the expert program.