Tourism for all includes US Wounded Heroes: Nepal’s version of World Tourism Day


eTurboNews is a proud partner for the Wounded Hero Trek in Nepal. It’s showing support for our American troops with a little help from Nepal. In line with the theme of “tourism for all” by today’s World Tourism Day, the International Development institute, in partnership with the Soarway Foundation, Operation Namaste, and Four Season Travel and Tours has been taking a team of 19 participants in a Wounded Heroes Trek to Nepal.

All these heroes face life’s challenges with courage and determination.

Pankaj Pradhananga from Four Season’s travel says: “This trek will not only be a once-in-a life time experience for the participants, but it will also help us to shift attitudes in Nepal where currently a half million Nepalis with disabilities face a profoundly difficult future. ”

Sudhan Subedi, a Senior Executive for the Nepal Tourism Board added: “We want to make Nepal a premier destination for inclusive tourism in the year 2016 when UNWTO has announced “Tourism for All”. This effort is a critical first step in building awareness and creating a future for all Nepali citizens can share in even as we offer our veterans and other disabled Americans this incredible journey.”