New Yorkers experience colorful Guizhou at Times Square event


NEW YORK, NY – In today’s globalized world, there are not many places on Earth left unscathed from swarms of tourists and the same international companies typically found in every other major travel destination. But the Guizhou province in China is one such place!

The Guizhou Tourism Development Committee partnered with the Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA) to put the spotlight on this hidden gem at one of New York’s biggest tourism, business and cultural exchange promotional events.

Friday’s event, ‘Mountain Park, Colorful Guizhou’ New York Tourism Promotion,’ was held at Times Square in New York City. Tourism agencies, government officials and executives from China and the United States joined together to share their global insights and travel experiences, along with their ideas for global tourism cooperation and cultural exchange throughout the United States and China.

Mr. Shi, Jingyi, Chief Planner and member of the Party Leading Group of the Guizhou Tourism Development Committee, said at the event: “Guizhou is known as a mountainous province of scenic landscapes and welcomes tourists from at home and abroad to experience its clear skies and green mountains within the rich historical and cultural context of China.”

Currently known to few international travelers, Guizhou is an inland province tucked within China’s southwest region. Known as one of the most beautiful provinces in China, Guizhou offers spectacular plateau landscapes cut by dramatic gorges, canyons, and terraced hillsides with enchanting vistas. The province is also famous for its diverse ethnic cultures. It has the third largest ethnic population in China, with several indigenous groups that continue an ancient way of life and time-honored traditions.

This January, The New York Times ranked Guizhou as one of the 52 places to go in 2016 and praised it as an authentic Chinese travel destination.

The Sino-American Friendship Association, (SAFA), has made its mission to introduce China’s rising travel destinations to global travelers throughout the United States.

“China is a vast country with thousands of years of culture, history, and some of the world’s most exotic landscapes. Our goal is to make American tourists more familiar with all of the travel destinations China has to offer, many of which, people have never heard of before,” said Ms. Li Li, Executive Vice President of the association.