Hotwire: Fax scam targets travelers


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Hotwire is notifying consumers of a scam targeting potential travelers by fax solicitation. The scam involves a fax purporting to be a memo from “HH Dept” to “All Employees” and offering vacation packages at a steeply discounted price.

The fax displays an old corporate logo for Hotwire, presumably in an effort to falsely imply some involvement by Hotwire in the offer.

Consumers should be aware that the only legitimate way to book travel on Hotwire is through its website or by calling its customer care number. Hotwire does not engage in telemarketing or send faxes soliciting travel deals.

The following steps may help consumers from being victimized by illegal travel scams:

• Do not respond to any fax solicitations purporting to be associated with Hotwire – the phone numbers provided are part of a scam and are in no way associated with Hotwire. If you have communicated to individuals at phone numbers provided on the faxes before, Hotwire encourages you to cease further communications.

• Do not provide personal or payment information over the phone to any individuals reached at phone numbers listed on the fax solicitations.

• Report any fax solicitations that you receive to Hotwire; your escalations help to ensure that the company aware of any new variations on the scam, and may aide in identification of the fraudulent actors responsible.