Taobao iFashion and Internet celebrities stage 14-hour live streaming event in Tokyo


On September 20, iFashion, a dress collocation platform of Taobao Ali, staged a unique and themed live streaming event in Tokyo with a number of Internet celebrities for 14 hours nonstop, targeting young people and showing to them characteristic fashion. Such an event innovatively combines “fashion makes money” and VR technology and has become the newest form of having the most number of Internet celebrities in one activity.

New generation consumer groups advocate personality and are willing to try everything new; their shopping attitude is more open. Survey data shows that respectively 25% and 31% of consumers born in the 1990s are willing to try new and better products, far higher than consumers born in the 1980s and 1970s. It also indicates a new era is of personalized and fast fashion.

One of the greatest examples would be the Tokyo live streaming event held by iFashion, where 12 internet celebrities and 14 Taobao shop owners made a live fashion broadcast in Tokyo for 14 consecutive hours, providing an immersive experience for audiences to understand its fashion and even communicate directly with fashion icons.

Meanwhile, a themed shopping activity was launched to sell 150,000 fashionable pieces designed for the upcoming cool seasons from 80 thousand shops. Many were ordered when the buyers were enjoying the show.

According to information, the reason Tokyo was chosen as the second stop of iFashion fashionable landmark event is the fashion attitude of Tokyo is consistent with the brand philosophy of iFashion. iFashion will keep looking for cities that express the newest and most stylish ideas of fashion to further satisfy young people’s consumption demands.