Foodie travelers revel in the authentic flavors of Mauritius gastronomy


What could be more important than a little something to eat? Authentic gastronomy has long been a motivation to travel to different corners of the globe, and Mauritius is no exception.

On this island country, three of the most flavorful cuisines come together – Indian, Chinese, and French. And what makes it really special is the authenticity that only local hands can produce and the Creole touch can add to it.

With a great variety of dishes and flavors unique to the island, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority recommends visitors to think global and eat local.

When looking for the best places to eat, look for clean establishments that are full of people and smelly really good!

Ask for a menu. Do they have a daily dish? A menu of the day?

Restaurants near the coast commonly started with a fisherman husband, a cooking wife, and hungry children. The tastiest menus vary according to the catch of the day, and that is what you need to try. Don’t get distracted by common fish names out of the territory, consume what’s wildly grown and freshly caught.

While you are on the go, tropical fruits are the ideal snack for days at the beach and hikes on the peaks. Rehydrate with fresh coconut water to recover twice the electrolytes that commercial sport drinks offer (with half its sodium and 20 times less sugar) or grab a smoothie in the morning to start your day. Look for favorite local juices made from local produce that detox and boost energy.

Mauritius villages are well covered in motorbikes and stands offering the common to-gos from the Chinese, Indian, and Creole heritage. Visitors can find local shacks where faratas and dholl puri are prepared from scratch. For a boost of healthy fats, pink pistaches grilled in their caraille is the answer, and one cannot beat Boulettes and mine bwi when they are made to order, not waiting hours for you to arrive.

So whether it be a leisurely meal at a table, local fare at a street stand, or grab-and-go food, tourists will always find something delectable to enjoy while visiting Mauritius.