Seychelles Tourism maintains market share in Russia


Russia went through some economic calamities following the weakening of the ruble. A lot of destinations got affected, but Seychelles Tourism Board Chief Executive, Mrs. Sherin Francis, stated in interviews that took place in Moscow that even if Seychelles registered a minor decrease in visitors from Russia over the two past years, they are happy that they have at least been able to maintain a fair share of the market during that period.

Mrs. Francis, who was in Moscow for a high-profile event organized for main tour operators and travel agents selling the destination, together with airline, hotel, and media partners, had a series of scheduled interviews with dozens of press and media in Russia. Interviews were carried out with the following media: the Financial Times, TTG Russia, Perfect flight magazine, LIS Channel, Travel Russia news, voyage, print daily newspaper, Vedomosti business daily, and, among a handful of other online travel blogs, travel consultants, and writers.

The press event, which will surely give this important target market much needed visibility, was also attended by Karen Confait, Seychelles Tourism Board Manager for Russia, and Bernadette Willemin, Seychelles Tourism Board Director for Europe. Most of the interviews concentrated on the reason why Russian travelers should consider choosing Seychelles as their preferred holiday destination, as well as the new products on offer and other recent developments in the industry.

“Russia is a high-yield market for Seychelles. If you ask hotels and high-value brand shops in Seychelles who are their top spenders, most of them would state that is the Russian visitors,” she said.

Mrs. Francis went on highlighting the main reasons why Russian travelers should consider Seychelles as their preferred holiday destination, stating that Seychelles is not only renowned for having the best sand, sea, and sun, but tops the list for safety and security, pristine environment, having warm year-round weather, and will soon to enjoy a remarked increase in air connection and frequencies to the island from the main cities in Russia among a handful of other reasons.

Russia finished eighth on the table of visitor arrivals for the year 2015 and fifth for Europe. With Russia’s economic situation improved and outbound travel on the rise again, Mrs. Francis is hopeful that Seychelles would regain back its share of this market and would see itself back on the path of growth very soon.