Beijing Capital Airlines launches Vancouver-Qingdao-Hangzhou route in December


BEIJING, China – On December 30th, 2016, Beijing Capital Airlines’ new Vancouver-Qingdao-Hangzhou (Canada-China) flight route will be officially launched. Enjoy the comfort of the Airbus A330, fly directly to China, and embrace the beautiful bays and peaceful life in Qingdao, and the elegance and gracefulness of Hangzhou. The thrice-weekly flights will take you to China to experience a unique New Year’s trip!

Flight # Schedule Terminal Take-off Landing Terminal Take-off Landing Terminal

JD472 Wed/Fri/Sun Vancouver 16:30 19:40+1 Qingdao 21:40+1 23:25+1 Hangzhou

JD471 Wed/Fri/Sun Hangzhou 14:15 16:05 Qingdao 18:05 13:15 Vancouver

*Overseas Local Time
Qingdao, sometimes called “The Oriental Switzerland”, is the city with the highest level of happiness in China. A famous historic and cultural city, Qingdao is also an outstanding tourism city. Every year, various colorful activities are held, such as the International Beer Festival, the International Ocean Festival, and the International Piano and Violin Festival. “Maritime City and Eurasian Custom” is the typical style of Qingdao. Red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky in the western old area reflect its unique cityscape.

Hangzhou, one of China’s ancient capitals, has a long-standing history and is one of the birthplaces of Wuyue culture. Boasting picturesque sights and a beautiful environment, Hangzhou is honored by many as “Paradise on Earth.” The most famous scenic spot in the city is West Lake. No matter the weather conditions or season, West Lake can show beautiful sights with different styles.

Beijing Capital Airlines’ new Vancouver-Qingdao-Hangzhou route will not only help to strengthen the economic and cultural bonds between Canada and the Shandong and Jiangzhe regions of China, it will also help develop the tourism industry in these areas.