Vanilla Islands and Turkish Airlines in Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic


The Vanilla Islands, led by its CEO, Pascal Viroleau, in collaboration with Turkish Airlines’ General Manager for Mauritius & Madagascar, Fatih Mehmet Kursun, organized a 3-city roadshow in Hungary, Romania, and Czech Republic on September 5-9, 2016.

The Seychelles Tourism Board participated with Regional Manager for Italy, Monette Rose, who replaced Karen Confait, Manager for Eastern Europe countries. The Seychelles delegation was also represented by Constance Hotels representative and DMCs from Seychelles: Mason’s Travel with Sales Manager Ms. Nadine Etienne; Creole Travel Services with Eric Renard, Deputy General Manager; and Miklos Kristina of 7°South.

Also, other partners from Mauritius and Madagascar conducted the 3-day roadshow allowing the trade to have a total picture of what the Vanilla Islands have to offer. Meetings were organized by Turkish Airlines to renew their presence in the Vanilla Islands and to announce and promote the arrival of the airline on October 31, 2016 in Seychelles.

With the winter season will be knocking on the European doors soon, there is no better month than September to promote the Vanilla Islands where summer never ends.

The Vanilla Islands CEO, Pascal Viroleau, opened the roadshows with a speech by thanking all invitees and presented Vanilla Islands destinations. Workshops were conducted by the partners with presentations of their products. The sessions ended with a networking lunch organized in the best hotel locations of the 3 cities.

Turkish Airlines offered 2 business class tickets in each city to enable the lucky winner to experience the destinations.

The interest was very high, and Eastern Europe is confirmed as an interesting and growing market.