Tourisme Montréal rallies industry around its business travel market proposition


MONTRÉAL, Canada – At its annual conference on tourism prospects, an event that kicks off Montréal’s fall tourism season, Tourisme Montréal this morning presented the pillars that will support its strategy for the business travel market. The organization invited Montréal leaders to work synergistically with meeting planners to ensure the success of international conferences and events in Montréal.

This value proposition underscores the promise that the group of Montréal-based partners extends to clients: one of a quality experience with expert support. In this lively city that is constantly renewing itself, the “Montréal” team is made up of highly qualified individuals who know how to differentiate the city and help it maintain its position as a leading destination for conferences in North America.

Represented by the slogan, Montréal Works for You, this positioning is now stronger than ever and targets the conference and events market more specifically thanks to findings published in a recent report from Watkins Research Group, a firm that conducts specialized research in business. Every two years, the firm surveys meeting and conference planners to assess their satisfaction levels with certain destinations. Montréal is one of the cities recognized for the ease with which people can connect with local experts, its accessibility and safety, as well as its joie de vivre which translates into a more enriching experience for delegates.

“It is important to unify the voice of all our Montréal-based partners so that, together, we can make Montréal shine. In such a highly competitive market, this value proposition is what helps set us apart: Montréal is a place where doing business is easy and where there is an appreciable synergy between partners,” said Yves Lalumière, president and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. “As a city, Montréal meets all the needs of conference planners. Our offer to them now includes a firm commitment to their satisfaction.”

“In Montréal, tourism generates $3.3 billion in tourist spending. Business travel represents about 25% of these expenditures. Through this positioning, we want to let clients know that Montréal is the best place for holding events and that the destination’s partners will help them be successful,” added Michel Bourdon, Vice-President, Sales and Conference Services at Tourisme Montréal.