Seychelles Tourism shines at Belgium event

The Seychelles Tourism Board was present among some other countries under the Vanilla Islands umbrella for an Indian Ocean dedicated event in Belgium last week.

The event, which took place on Thursday, September 8, was organized by the tour operator, Footprints, in Belgium. There were several partners from the Vanilla Islands which included the Seychelles Tourism Board, Ile Reunion Tourisme, Air Austral, Crystal Cruises, and Nira Hotels & Resort.

Each partner did a 10-minute presentation on their destination or product. Besides the presentation on the Seychelles islands, the destination was featured in the presentation by Crystal Cruises about their boat, Crystal Esprit, which offers cruises around the Seychelles waters.

Though not physically present at the event, the Mauritius Tourism & Promotion Agency (MTPA) and the Office National du Tourisme de Madagascar (ONTM) both sent through their destination videos which were played during the evening.

Needless to say, the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands were very well represented. It was a perfect evening with 30°C temperature in a perfect and cozy atmosphere in Belgium.

The 40-odd agents present were also able to sample the delicacies of the different islands with a mix of food such as the rougaille saucisse, beef curry, fish, and sweet potatoes to name a few.

The Seychelles Tourism Board was represented by its Senior Marketing Executive, Christine Vel, who is based in Paris. Miss Vel said she was very happy with the outcome of the evening.

“It was a good venue, and the event was attended by great quality agents. They are now better equipped to sell our beautiful islands,” she said.