Five people trek over 115,000 miles around the globe


BRISTOL, England – Ever get so tired walking around the mall or grocery store you feel the need to tell someone about it? You’re about to be sorry you ever mentioned the word.

An elite group of five super stamina walkers have traveled over 115,000 miles around the world in the past 50 years.

The folks at put together the first ever visual account of the longest distances ever traveled by foot. Each course is charted against a map, as well as all courses shown together for context.

This map was created to help boost awareness around rising global Co2 levels. With 3.06 Trillion miles driven in the US every year and 316 billion miles driven in the UK. Reducing this by even 5% would save 20,349,000 Tonnes of Co2 in the US plus 21,014 Tonnes in the UK annually.

They hope to show that if these super steppers can make it around the globe, ditching the car for short trips is an easy way to positively impact the environment.

Did you know the longest recorded walk was made by Canadian sign maker Jean Beliveau traveling a whopping 46,900 miles around the world over 11 years time? The trip included stints staying in prisons, avoiding a ravenous puma, and nearly getting taken hostage by criminals on the run.

George Meegan met his wife, had kids, and lunched at Jimmy Carter’s house during his 19,019 mile journey across the Americas.

Halfway through Dave Kunst’s 14,452 mile walk across the globe his brother John was killed by Afaghani outlaws. Dave’s brother Pete flew in to finish the course with him.

Next time you’re out of breath after taking a few extra steps from the store to the carpark, remember these special steppers and you won’t feel so bad.