Jin Jiang International Hotels: Successful 2016 Japan roadshow


TOKYO, Japan – Recently, to improve the brand awareness and the international competitiveness of Jin Jiang Hotels in the Japanese market, and to offer member hotels an insight into the demand of international purchasers and marketing opportunities, Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Company Ltd, along with Jin Jiang Hotel, Jin Jiang Tower, Park Hotel and Jin Jiang Sun Hotel which are managed by it held a 4-day roadshow and sales calls in Tokyo, Japan.

Over 100 representatives from major companies and related authorities having business contacts with Jin Jiang were invited to participate in the roadshow. The representatives from the Sales & Marketing Department of Jin Jiang International Hotels presented the development and industrial advantages of Jin Jiang Hotels and carried out close exchanges with executives and officials from Toshiba, SONY, Fuji, NEC, Japan National Tourism Organization and other enterprises, enhancing their understanding and knowledge of Jin Jiang brand and helping Jin Jiang Hotels to expand overseas market.

Mr. William Cai, Sales and Marketing Director of Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Company, attended the event and said, “Japan and China are neighbors separated only by a strip of water. The two have much in common regarding cultural traditions and social customs, so tourists tend to have a feeling of affinity. Thus, Japanese market is very important for Jin Jiang and our current focus is on how to attract potential customers, improve product competitiveness and expand market share.”

On the basis of a well-established partnership of sales and marketing alliance, Jin Jiang International Hotels again chose subordinating hotels of Prince Hotels as the venue for the roadshow. Prince Hotels, Inc. is the leading enterprise in Japan’s hotels and resorts industry. Thanks to its influence in the local markets, Jin Jiang Hotels conducted face-to-face sales visits and business negotiations with some major Japanese enterprises, building good partnerships of mutual trust with them and expanding the brand’s influence in Japanese market.

In recent years, to speed up industrial growth and improve international competitiveness, Jin Jiang brand has paid great attention to strategic international layout. Several successful domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions not only enable Jin Jiang to maintain its domestically leading position in the industry, but help it rank the fifth in the latest 2015 rankings of the World’s Top 300 Hotel Groups released by the American magazine Hotels. In the future, how to fully tap the growth potential of the international market so as to leap forward in the industry development will be the driving force and goal for Jin Jiang Hotels’ continuous progress.