Vietjet bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for flight safety


HANOI, Vietnam – Vietjet has issued a notice to passengers that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will not be allowed on the aircraft in the form of checked luggage in accordance with the Directive No. 3729/CT – CHK dated September 09th, 2016 by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam.

Vietjet also recommends that the smart phone should not be used or charged in any way on flights until further notice.

The warning was issued today following the Directive of Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam to ensure the safety and security of all flights’ in light of the latest reported fires and explosions relating to technical failures in the smart phones’ batteries while charging.

The warning is displayed on airline’s website, at Vietjet’s check-in counters at Vietnam and international airports, and on public media. The warning is also aired on all Vietjet’s flights.