Mauritius: Travel consciously


They say that sometimes the right way and the hard way are the same. In Mauritius, they say the right way is the only way to go when it benefits visitors, the island, and the world in which we all live.

Mauritius Conscious is a sustainable travel and ecotourism guide that invites travelers to discover Mauritius’ uniqueness in an authentic way. The program supports local initiatives and eco-conscious operators, and makes sure that a tourist’s travel dollar contributes to sustain the community being visited.

With an IslandLife Pass, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority aims to make it easier for visitors to enjoy the island like a Mauritian – in a conscious and authentic way.

The IslandLife Pass and map take tourists around authentic places and activities in Mauritius while also offering a 20% discount with conscious partners, in areas from accommodation and activities to restaurants and shopping.

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