Kenyan security forces foil terror attack in Mombasa

Today is a day which will live in infamy across the free world as civilized people around the world commemorate 9/11, the day when Bin Laden’s goons attacked the United States of America and caused thousands of deaths in New York, Washington and a field in Pennsylvania, where the hijackers were overwhelmed by brave passengers stopping the aircraft to be used as another flying bomb.

Security services around the world on days like this are on high alert to prevent criminals purporting to act in the name of Allah from adding yet more pain to the still open sores caused by the World Trade Center’s collapse following two aircraft being deliberately crashed into the towers.

Kenyan security, just days after President Kenyatta’s visit to the coast, were clearly on high alert as they prevented a major terror attack against the main police station in Mombasa.

Three individuals, reportedly dressed in hijabs, attempted to burn and probably bomb this key security installation but were shot dead by alert police, which took no chances and shot to neutralize the threat posed by the three. At least one police officer was reportedly injured though details presently are patchy and updates are expected from sources in Mombasa later today.

From the pictures above and others seen it is clear that the police station suffered some damage though again the extent has to be verified first before spreading unfounded rumours which presently circulate on Kenya’s social media platforms.

Meanwhile are congratulations in order for having beefed up security on such a crucial day and for having kept the beaches from Malindi to Diani safe and accessible for Kenyans, visitors from the region and from overseas.