Seychelles ruling party loses control of parliament in elections

In June, leaders and supporters of the opposition party “LDS” in Seychelles marched in a show of protest as peaceful marchers carried banners calling for “free and fair elections” and better electoral laws.

Today, their wish was fulfilled when the final outcome of last week’s election came in. LDS will take over the majority in parliament in this Indian Ocean island republic. LDS presented a line-up of 4 women and 21 men vying for the 25 directly-elected seats in the National Assembly.

The party had promised greater participation of the Seychellois people in parliament.

The current ruling party in Seychelles (LP) of President James Michel lost last weekend’s parliamentary to the opposition party (LDS) of Roger Mancienne.

The LDS is a grouping of a number of opposition parties including that of Wavel Ramkalawan and that of LP former Minister Patrick Pillay.

The government of President Michel is now set to be a lame duck government. The final results of the 25 directly-elected parliament was 15 for LSD and 10 for LP. This gives the LSD 4 more proportionally-elected seats, and the LP also 4 more seats. This is based on the 20 parties getting one proportional seat for each 10% of votes polled.