Whole Foods Fresh Market and Cafe on Praslin is a plus to both the tourism industry and to the Praslinois


Paul and Brenda Rouillon have recently opened a shop with a difference, and they are catering to both the tourism industry and to the Praslinois at the same time. The Whole Foods Fresh Market and Café at Amities on Praslin is a novel retail addition to what existed on the island. “The number of self-catering establishments and small guest houses on Praslin have grown, and many of the visitors in these accommodation units were looking for a place to buy items they needed or wanted. This is why we set up this outlet,” said Paul Rouillon as he showed his new premises to Minister Alain St.Ange and his delegation.

The Tourism and Culture Minister who was on a working visit to Praslin accompanied by Anne Lafortune, the PS for Tourism; Sherin Naiken, the CEO of the Tourism Board; Sinha Levkovic, who heads the Inspectorate Section at the Tourism Department; and officials from the Tourism Board, called on Paul Rouillon to see his new facility at Amities.

The range of fresh products, fruits and vegetables, freshly-baked pies and cakes, packed cut meats, wines, and a selection of beers are all nicely stocked in the Whole Foods Fresh Market and Café that also houses a small but neat café with even outside pavement tables.

“We were impressed by this small food outlet geared primarily for our tourism industry. But as we always say, that what is good for our visitors is also good for us Seychellois and vice-versa. A void existed, and we salute Paul and Brenda Rouillon for moving in to fill the gap. Praslin needed such a facility, and today, we can say we are happy that the Whole Foods Fresh Market and Café has now opened its doors,” said Minister St.Ange as he wished Paul Rouillon success in his latest venture.

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