HELLO MIXITY – a festive start to MIXITY.brussels 2017 theme year


BRUSSELS, Belgium – HELLO MIXITY, which will take place on Friday 30 September at Mont des Arts, is a festive musical prelude to what the year of diversity will have to offer. This free-of-charge evening event is open to everyone, giving people the chance to get together under the banner of living together in harmony, tolerance and good spirits.

Throughout 2017, the major project that is MIXITY.brussels 2017 will highlight the diversity which pervades the Brussels-Capital Region. Several large events will punctuate and give colour to MIXITY.brussels 2017 and will emphasise religious and sexual freedom, cultural openness, the 183 nationalities living in Brussels and its heterogeneous art.

As the second most cosmopolitan city in the world and the most cosmopolitan in Europe according to the World Migration Report, Brussels numbers 183 different nationalities. This is what this year of diversity wants to celebrate.

Event on 30 September at 6pm at Mont des Arts!

On 30 September at 6pm, HELLO MIXITY is holding an event for everyone to give a taster for MIXITY.brussels 2017. More than 400 children will open the evening by dancing a Flash Mob involving people with disabilities.

Then, the music-and-dance journey will take the audience from a Japanese choir to the Belgian Pride anthem, through “Formidable” by Stromae sung in Arabic, a Turkish electro version of Kiss-Kiss by Tarkan, hip-hop meets classical, Opera flirting with soul, some Italian and Spanish songs and a Prince cover by Papa Wemba… Not forgetting the Galician songs, Dutch rap, and the Sardinian, Albanian and Madagascan voices mixing with Finnish and Belgian voices…

The concert can also count on numerous other artists from all walks of life: Lou, a teenager with Morsier syndrome with extraordinary musical abilities, Jaune Toujours, Marie Warnant, STIKSTOF, Akro, Marka, LaDiva Live and Zap Mama, to name but a few…

In short, a great melting pot, reflecting the diversity and open-mindedness which exist in Brussels. Whether it’s after work or with the family, HELLO MIXITY will welcome kids of all ages for a huge meeting, where cocktails and food trucks await you.

Free guided tour

To give attendees the chance to get an extra taste of the Brussels diversity just before the concert, free guided tours are available in French, Dutch and English.

In Dutch and English, a Bruksel guide will help to scrape away the top layer of uniformity and will show the diversity that is hidden underneath in the centre of Brussels.

The tour will start on 30 September at 5.30 pm, at the Carrefour de l’Europe. It will return in time for the start of the concert.