Gujarati tourists love Nepal, the feature country at TTF travel trade show in Ahmedabad


The Travel and Tourism Fair (TTF) in Ahmedabad, India, came to an end today. The venue, Gujarat University Exhibition Hall, was buzzing with activity on the last day with more than 535 exhibitors participants from 13 countries and 25 Indian states and Union Territories. Nepal was participating as featured country, and certainly a highlight of the event.

Ahmedabad and Western India are the most lucrative outbound markets for Indian travelers this season. TTF Ahmedabad is 25% bigger than last year.

This showed again on consumer day, the last day of TTF. Nepal is a popular destination, and potential visitors were concerned about the tourism situation in this Himalayan country after the Nepal earthquake.

The availability about vegetarian and jain food was also one of the top concerns for potential Indian visitors to Nepal.

The Nepal Tourism Board Stand was recognized for the best decoration. The stand of 36 square meter portrayed unique tourism highlight including Gujrati interest like Pashupatinath, culture, Lumbini and wildlife.

he fair was inaugurated on September 2, 2016. The 3-day travel and tourism extravaganza was a one-stop shop of travel and tourism products, showcasing destinations, tourism packages and travel products to help footloose Gujaratis plan and book their holidays.

Tourism Boards, hotels, resorts, travel agents, tour operators, online travel agencies, railways, cruise lines exhibited at TTF.

Many our operators in Gujarat are selling Nepal packages very well and doing good business. NTB’s participation is part of continuous endeavor to having more and more Gujarati tourists in Nepal.

Participating travel trade partners with the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) were Satyam Tours, Yeti Airlines Domestic and BCN Travels. NTB was represented by Mr. Pradeep Poudyal, Senior Officer; Mr. Sudhan Subedi, Senior Officer and Mr. Heera Bahadur Dhakal, Support Staff.

The Nepal delegation visited with three Indian State tourism ministers from Punjab, Gujrat and Uttarakhand. NTB had come up with different aspects of promotions this year. Collateral bags with Nepal’s message were distributed from the Fair counter. All trade visitors stopping at the Nepal stand were given this valuable bag with information.