Morocco tourism guides: Cultural ambassadors


Tourism guides play a key role in the development and promotion of natural and cultural heritage of Morocco. These guides take on the role of being cultural ambassadors of the destination as they interact with tourists.

The demands on tour guides have become increasingly sophisticated and specific, so the need for Morocco to sustain a dynamic tourism industry is dependent upon these ambassadors delivering competitive services to satisfy all tourists and meet their requirements for quality service.

The tourist guide profession is actually governed by in Morocco, which establishes conditions that must be met to first become a tour guide, and then professional standards that must be maintained to ensure quality standards of the services.

Currently, there are 2,759 guides operating in Morocco, which is divided into two categories:

• cities and tour guide
• natural areas guide

The main business of a cities and tour guide is to provide information to tourists on all things geographic, historical, architectural, cultural, social, and economic, as well as assist and support them on foot or onboard appropriate transport vehicles, on public roads, and at tourist sites, monuments, museums, places of cultural or artistic interest, tourist establishments, and public places.

The activity of a natural areas guide is to accompany and assist tourists during excursions and hikes in natural sites, such as mountains and deserts, by foot, riding beasts of burden, or in appropriate transport vehicles on circuits with tracks, trails, or roads passable without the use of technical climbing, mountaineering, or skiing, and to provide information on areas and sites visited, as well in natural, historical, geographical, economic, and social cultural settings.

The Morocco Ministry of Tourism takes its job quite seriously, beginning with these front-line ambassadors, to assure that all visitors to the country enjoy a quality travel experience. These visitors then in turn, become ambassadors of Morocco, too, as they regale their happy stories of their visit to their family and friends when they return home.