Hurricane Lester: Hawaii Labor Day surprise for IUCN delegates


HONOLULU, Hawaii – There is a 20% chance of a hurricane for delegates from 177 countries attending the IUCN world conservation congress at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu can relax a little more, and tourists from the US Mainland ready for a Labor Day weekend of fun, may be relieved to hear that the chances of Hurricane Lester hitting the island was only 20%, even though the Hurricane Watch for Oahu has been remaining for the rest of the day.Hurricane Lester is expected to pass the Hawaiian Island 125 miles of the Big Island and Maui before passing by Oahu Saturday afternoon. If the current path continues it would mean for Oahu high surf, rain mixed with some winds. Winds in no way would have any significant strength to cause a concern.

However this scenario is not clear at this time and out of precaution authorities are continue to prepare for a possible Hurricane.

Hopefully a fun filled labor day weekend may be in the pipeline for this busy holiday tourism weekend in the Aloha State.

In addition to the Hurricane watch high surf advisories for Oahu’s East shores are a real concern.

It looks better, but no one should take this fading threat not seriously.

Despite the first hurricane Madeline’s and the rain and wind coming with it has moved away from the island chain, hazards will continue for swimmers and boaters along the beaches as Hurricane Lester approaches from the east.

While Madeline turned to the south as it approached the islands earlier this week, Lester is expected to turn to the north on its approach during the holiday weekend.

Similar to Madeline, Lester is also forecast to weaken to a minimal hurricane or strong tropical storm by the time it makes its closest approach close to the islands.

If Lester tracks farther south and makes landfall on the Big Island of Hawaii as a hurricane, it would be the first hurricane to do so in recorded history.

How closely the center of the storm tracks will determine the severity of the wind and rain along northern portions of the Big Island, Maui, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai.

Flooding problems could be exacerbated in areas that were affected by heavy rainfall from Madeline.

Conditions are expected to gradually improve from east to west as

Lester moves away from the islands heading into Monday. Typical trade wind showers will resume for the remainder of the week.