Frankfurt Airport: Exciting new tours to enjoy!


FRANKFURT, Germany – Frankfurt Airport has long been one of Germany’s most popular destinations for excursions and family outings. And there is always more to discover on every visit. Two new tours have just been added to the program to let real airport fans satisfy their appetite and curiosity. One of them is the XXL Tour, during which participants spend two full hours criss-crossing the bustling apron of this major international aviation hub and―a first―even make a stop at Runway Northwest, the most recent addition to the runway system.

The other is called “Ready for Takeoff”. This 90-minute grand tour presents the airport’s main highlights in the spirit of an airplane trip, complete with onboard catering. The guide also narrates the tour in a style that helps participants imagine that they are in an actual aircraft.

Owing to their longer duration, a minimum age of 16 is recommended for both new tours. Ready for Takeoff may only be booked for groups and costs 25 euros per person. The XXL Tour costs 19 euros per participant and can be booked by individuals and groups at This website also provides information on the many other available airport tours, on celebrating children’s birthdays at the airport, and on the Visitors’ Terrace. A visit to this viewing platform in Terminal 2 is an ideal way to supplement any of the apron tours. Adults and children aged four and above pay only three euros for a day ticket; families and groups can purchase five tickets for the price of four, for a total price of 12 euros.