SWISS showcases its latest aircraft at Budapest Airport


Barely a month after it entered service, SWISS presented its latest acquisition, the world’s newest passenger airliner, to the Hungarian and international media in Budapest. The 125-seat Bombardier CS100 compares favourably to other aircraft of similar size, with its quiet, efficient, and environmentally friendly operation.

The new CS100 aircraft of SWISS arrived at Budapest Airport with typical Swiss precision, when flight LX2254 from Zurich touched down on Runway I at 13:46 – nine minutes ahead of schedule. The brand new aircraft joined the carrier’s fleet barely a month ago on 15 July, and has visited Budapest several times since. In addition to the Hungarian capital, the 125-seat aircraft (20 business and 105 economy class seats) operates to Prague, Geneva, Warsaw, Paris, Brussels and Manchester. SWISS will use the Canadian-manufactured CS100 to replace the Avro RJ100 aircraft in its fleet.

The CS100 boasts numerous technological innovations. The cockpit features five large colour monitors, providing information on flight parameters to the pilots, who manoeuvre the aircraft not with a traditional control stick, but with a computerised sidestick. A lot of composite materials (e.g. carbon fibre reinforced plastic) were used in the wings and fuselage, to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics. Another brand new feature is the use of the Pratt & Whitney PW1524G-type geared turbofan engines, which provide a 20% fuel saving and make the CS100 substantially quieter than other aircraft in its category.

“We are very proud of the latest type in our fleet, and especially of the fact that the new aircraft operates to Budapest on a regular basis,” emphasised Iris Malich, Head of SWISS in Germany, Austria and Central Europe. “In addition to the high quality of service we are accustomed to at SWISS, we are now able to offer our passengers greater comfort and a quieter cabin. Operational experiences with the new Canadian aircraft have been very positive so far, and our passengers have taken a liking to them immediately,” she added.

“We are happy to welcome the newest SWISS aircraft at Budapest Airport. During the 15 years of operation of the Budapest-Zurich flight, the Swiss airline has transported no less than two million passengers on this route, and can now increase its capacity by approximately 30%, thanks to the new aircraft type,” said Jost Lammers, CEO, Budapest Airport. “This flight by SWISS operates three times a day, and is a very important link between Hungary and Switzerland, for business travellers and tourists alike. With this new aircraft, SWISS is contributing to a reduction of environmental burdens in aviation, whilst also enhancing passenger comfort,” he added.

Thomas Klühr, CEO, SWISS concluded: “We are proud to offer the Hungarian market the most innovative aircraft of its category. Budapest is the second city in the SWISS network where the CS100 is flying. With the delivery of a total of nine CS100s in 2016, the aircraft will gradually fly on all of our flights from Hungary to Switzerland. This means that with this aircraft, we can now connect Hungarians to over 100 destinations in 46 countries, and offer a state-of-the-art flight experience for our passengers.”