UA880 Houston to London Heathrow in trouble


United Airlines Flight UA 880 on a routine flight last night from Houston to London got in trouble when most passengers were asleep two-thirds over the Atlantic Ocean.

The plan was hit by unexpected and enormous turbulence. Some passengers and crew members had no time to secure seat belts and suffered serious injury.

The United Airlines captain declared an emergency for severe and unexpected turbulence. He managed to fly the aircraft with injured passengers and crew to the first available airport in Europe after finishing the Atlantic crossing.

The plane landed safely at 6.00 am GMT time at Shannon International Airport in Ireland.

Airport rescue was on the scene and took two crew members and fourteen passengers to University Hospital in Limerick, Ireland.

The Boeing 767-300 jet had 207 passengers and 13 crew members on board.

A United Airlines spokesperson confirmed, United Airlines is providing care and support to customers and crew of flight UA-880.