Speaking the language of travel adventures in Mauritius

Adventure speaks many languages, and in Mauritius, adventure travel is spoken with a tropical accent. It sounds like the birds in the mangroves when visitors go kayaking to Ile d’Ambre, and takes the rhythm from the water of cascades when they go abseiling the 7 cascades. Find out how your shouts will blend in with the sounds of adventure in Mauritius.

Challenge your limits

Mauritius suits all levels of hikers and climbers. Explorers are welcome to enjoy flat hikes with breathtaking viewpoints as much as adventurers get challenged with breathtaking climbs. Famous within the second group is the Pieter Both, the second-highest peak of Mauritius, daring experienced climbers to stand in its famous ball-shaped rock right on top of it.

Ride a bike

When adventuring through Mauritius, the only sad thing a visitor might face is a lack of time to discover more of it. But don’t worry. Teams around the island have got visitors covered with mountain bikes and selected routes to cycle the forests, plantations, and mountains at an increased speed (and heart rate). For those who choose to go solo, approach a bike rental for a budget adventure. The best way to discover the island, and one’s self, is by getting lost.

Fancy some animal contact?

For those that want the kind of adventure that involves more animals and less stress, horseback riding is an opportunity to discover the forest of Chamarel and it plantations, or to linger around the World Heritage site and the beach of Le Morne.

A bird-watching tour will introduce riders to endemic birds saved from extinction, like the Mauritian Kestrel and the Pink Pigeon, in an excursion through the mountains of Mauritius.

And guests can enjoy the excursion knowing that those animal buddies are well taken care of in these lands!

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